Cutting Edge Probiotic Lotions for Body and Face

For several years probiotics have occupied a place of honor in the grocery store, especially in the dairy aisle. At New Harmony Soap Company we have studied the value of probiotics and are pleased to tell you these super valuable microorganisms are now an important part of our lotions. Here’s why:

1) Probiotics are a fantastic way to preserve natural body care products. When you make lotions from all natural ingredients you need a way to keep them from spoiling. In many natural lotions the preservative is a synthetic. We just couldn’t accept that! Our customers expect and deserve better.

2) Probiotics are a fabulous skin conditioner. In addition to preserving, probiotics deeply penetrate skin to create a lasting softness that you will notice and appreciate.

3) Probiotics provide exception antimicrobial protection ensuring your skin and your whole body are optimized to fight the onslaught of bacteria and fungi we face daily.

Another thing to love about our line of Probiotic lotions is they do not include any fillers. Compare our ingredients to what you’re currently using. You’ll find Zero Water. Zero Alcohol. Zero waxes. Our lotion starts with organic aloe vera gel. From their we blend in Avocado oil, veggie glycerin, sodium lactate (from sustainably grown Palm) and full spectrum Vitamin E. This is a premium lotion and a little goes a long way.

New Harmony Soap Company’s Probiotic Lotions are safe and effective for face and body. Give it a try. You’ll quickly feel your skin giving you a round of applause. Reasonably priced at $14.99 per 8oz bottle. Get an extra 10% discount by using coupon code probiotic15 by 9-13-15.

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