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The traditional next step after cleansing your face it to apply toner. The toner’s primary ingredient is typically some sort of astringent, something that causes your skin to contract or  “pucker up” so that your skin is tighter, less saggy, i.e. toned. This step basically tightens the canvas so makeup goes on straighter and smoother.[…]

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Solutions to “Winter Skin” and Premature Aging of the Skin

A lot of premature aging happens in the Winter and “Winter Skin” is an issue for just about all of us (unless you live in a year-round oasis like San Diego or Hawaii). In the winter months the humidity level outside drops and the water in your skin evaporates faster, making  your skin look dry,[…]

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3 Reasons to Have Eucalyptus in Your Life

At New Harmony Soap Company we hold Eucalyptus in very high regard. And, we have used, sampled, and tested just about every Eucalyptus essential oil you can think of to find the absolute best one. Our search has brought us to an organic, steam-distilled essential oil from a species called Eucalyptus Polybractea, a small trunk[…]

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Cure Dry Winter Skin with Natural Skin Nutrition

Winter time can bring dry, cracked, itchy skin. Customers have been asking us what to do for their dry winter skin. Here are our soap maker Angel’s top three favorite products to treat and moisturize. Colloidal Oatmeal Body Bar – smoothes and moisturizes skin! Probiotic Lotion – 50% aloe vera juice, 30% avocado oil +[…]

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Spring Break Skin Care

natural, all-natural, sunburn, relief, aloe vera, cucumber peel, green tea extract, calendula, polysaccharides

For many folks Spring Break is a chance to thaw on the beach after a long winter freeze. Of course, it’s also a time for our skin to be thrown into shock by overexposure to the great ball of light. If you’re of European descent like me, in 60 minutes I go from bright white[…]

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Probiotic Lotion Provides Natural Rosacea Relief

All natural probiotic rosacea lotion

Each year dermatologists see about 3 million cases of rosacea, a chronic condition mostly affecting middle age women with fair skin. Common symptoms are facial redness with swollen red bumps and small visible blood vessels. One of the most common questions we hear at New Harmony Soap Company is “what do you have to help rosacea?”[…]

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Turn Back the Clock with All Natural Body Soak

natural, body soak, dead sea salt, skin hydration, skin therapy, natural, anti-aging, youthful skin

Have you ever seen a 50 year old woman who looks like she’s 30ish? If so, you’ve seen a woman who has consistently maintained the moisture level of her skin at an optimal level. Hydration is absolutely essential to healthy skin and age-defying beauty. Most folks – even those that use lotion daily – have[…]

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Cutting Edge Probiotic Lotions for Body and Face

our line of all natural probiotic lotions

For several years probiotics have occupied a place of honor in the grocery store, especially in the dairy aisle. At New Harmony Soap Company we have studied the value of probiotics and are pleased to tell you these super valuable microorganisms are now an important part of our lotions. Here’s why: 1) Probiotics are a[…]