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From the Earth

From the Earth

Just about every ingredient used in New Harmony Soap products comes from the earth. We believe Nature provides everything we humans need to be healthy – and to look healthy.

To Your Skin Cells

To Your Skin Cells

Our mission is to find and combine the most potent ingredients on earth for skin health – ensuring they are as whole or unprocessed as possible – and then find the best way to deliver them to your skin cells. Our emphasis on innovative delivery of phytonutrients is what makes New Harmony Soap Company unique.

No Fads

No Fads

The personal health and wellness business is full of fads. One day something is a miracle, the next you’re told it’s a dud. At New Harmony Soap we certainly monitor and make use of modern research but we select ingredients that have been validated by the test of time. Typically, hundreds or even thousands of years across multiple cultures.

natural soap making at New Harmony Soap Company

Our History

How we got started

April 2006 the phone rang and Stephanie’s doctor delivered the news… she has breast cancer. Without warning, life and plans are turned upside down. Once through the shock, we canceled plans to celebrate our upcoming twentieth wedding anniversary in Tahiti and opted to get away someplace close for a romantic weekend.

We stumbled upon a small ad for New Harmony in the back of a travel magazine. We knew almost nothing about the place except that it had been a site of some early American Utopian experiments. In the middle of our situation “utopia” sounded really good so we packed a bag. What we discovered captured our imaginations but given our circumstances at the time the only dream we could have was going home and winning Stephanie’s battle.

After 13 months of chemotherapy, radiation, and recovery our whole family was in need of a break so we took an old-fashion road trip vacation through upstate New York and New England. One beautiful mid-June day in Vermont we came across a soap maker’s shop. Jim was intrigued by the soap-making process and the health benefit claims of soap made from whole, natural ingredients.

One thing led to another and the next thing we knew our basement became a soap-making laboratory. Saturdays were often spent at local Farmer’s Markets selling our soap and learning what customers needed for their skincare. This was all quite gratifying but the reality of Jim’s “day job” at a fast-growing software company allowed us to dream but not act.

For Jim, the tipping point occurred during another family vacation. This time at Lameshur Bay Beach in St. John, USVI. There before him was the closest thing to paradise he had ever seen and yet his mind kept drifting to the Roofless Church of New Harmony. Until then no place in the world had ever felt like home to him – but that day he knew our home was in New Harmony. Stephanie agreed. So we prayed and watched God clear the way for this new adventure.

In 2011 the “day job” came to an end when the software company was acquired. Like magic, the doors started to open for our relocation to New Harmony, Indiana, and the launch of New Harmony Soap Company.

Our journey – like yours – is far from complete. We’re excited to see what tomorrow brings and we hope it includes you. Thank you for your interest in our company and products. Please let us know what you think of us – and if you have ideas for better skin health I want to hear them.

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