Natural Skin Nutrition

Our universe, including Mother Nature, is made of chemistry. Many chemical components of ingredients found in Body and Skin care products are transdermal, meaning they penetrate your body’s protective layer and enter your system. This can be good or bad. There is growing evidence that many of the most common ingredients used in traditional mass produced body care can cause hormone imbalance, allergic reactions that are often misdiagnosed, and in worst cases, these things act as cancer-causing agents.

At New Harmony Soap we view body care products as delivery platforms for chemistry to your body. That is why we carefully research every single ingredient we use to ensure our customers they are giving themselves and their loved ones the healthiest life possible. We strive to make every product a source of Natural Skin Nutrition.

From the Earth
Just about every ingredient used in New Harmony Soap products comes from the earth. We believe Nature provides everything we humans need to be healthy – and to look healthy.

To Your Skin Cells
Our mission is to find and combine the most potent ingredients on earth for skin health – ensuring they are as whole or unprocessed as possible – and then find the best way to deliver them to your skin cells. Our emphasis on innovative delivery of phytonutrients is what makes New Harmony Soap Company unique.

No Fads
The personal health and wellness business is full of fads. One day something is a miracle, the next you’re told it’s a dud. At New Harmony Soap we certainly monitor and make use of modern research but we select ingredients that have been validated by the test of time. Typically, hundreds or even thousands of years across multiple cultures.