Why Dermatologists Tend to Be Soap Haters

If you’re female chances are you’ve been told you should never use soap on your face. The source of this instruction usually traces back to someone who had an appointment with a Dermatologist. So what gives?

Why do Dermatologists think soap is so bad for the face? There seems to be three major reasons: 1) soap has been classified as highly alkaline but our face is highly acidic; 2) soap makes your skin dry; 3) soap can prematurely age your face by stripping away natural oils.

All of this makes sense… unless it’s not true.

There is an assumption that soap is soap. But how would your Doc feel if you were using a soap that was not highly alkaline, did not make your skin dry, and did not cause premature aging? OH! And by the way, it does not contain any synthetic or petroleum-derived ingredients that often cause allergic reactions and may disrupt hormones or even cause cancer? And OH! By the way, it contains essential nutrients from natural sources that supply antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, and anti-inflammatories?

In the end, I think Doctors are really busy people and they often don’t have time to keep up to date on stuff like soap. I’m sure if they had the time to dig deeper they would agree that products like New Harmony Soap’s Infused Face Bar is actually a very good way to enhance and protect your complexion. Thankfully, thousands of folks have taken the time to read our web pages and the ingredients on the box. They’ve figured out what their Dermatologist hasn’t (yet).

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