Who’s Your Soap Maker?

I’m a big fan of and contributor to an organization called Green America. They are good advocates for things that usually support a healthier planet and healthier people. Well, a few days ago I received their 2015 National Green Pages catalog and was thrilled to see a feature article entitled “Are Your Body Care Products Toxic?”

The first section explains how there are about 85,000 chemicals used in the U.S. and only five — let that sink in for a moment, FIVE — are banned by the EPA for Body Care products. A whopping 62,000 were “grandfathered in” and have never been tested while another 23,000 are considered “new” and are not subject to testing unless the EPA can prove it poses an unreasonable risk. How does that make you feel? A little paranoid? Perhaps a LOT paranoid.

The food industry is riddled with similar problems and American Consumers are finally taking back their power and responsibility. How are they doing this? They are getting to know their farmers. People are increasingly buying their food from a person, a family, or a small business whom they’ve personally assessed and deemed to be a trustworthy supplier. People doing business with like-minded people. Looking one another in the eyes. Trusting and holding one another accountable. This creates a real, honest, sustainable economy — and better communities.When it comes to food the new catchphrase is “Who’s Your Farmer?” Everyone expects to know their accountant, lawyer, and doctors . Now it’s time to know your farmer.

So let’s carry that idea forward… Who’s Your Soap Maker? Who do you know that is dedicated to producing soap and body care products that are totally free of the thousands of chemicals commonly found in products at the drugstore and grocery? Who do you know that is dedicated to integrating the healing powers of mother nature into the stuff you rub into your skin?

At New Harmony Soap Company we invite you to call, e-mail, visit, or Facebook us anytime. Ask any question about any ingredient. I assure you every single item we use has been seriously scrutinized for safety and efficacy. We would be truly honored to be your soap and body care maker.

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