Our Customers Taught Us How to Make the Best Lotion on the Market

The launch of our Everyday All Over Lotion is something we’re really excited about. We spent well over a year quizzing customers about their ideas of a perfect lotion. They told us they wanted a lotion that deeply penetrates and disappears quickly. They didn’t want any residual oiliness but they also want their skin to feel softer for a long time after application. And, of course, no synthetics or petroleum-derived ingredients allowed.

At the heart of our lotion is organic Aloe Vera juice and Avocado Oil. And putting this lotion at the cutting edge of body care is our use of probiotics, bioactives similar to those found in really good yogurt and Korean kimchi that make your skin noticeably softer and healthier. Also important is what we left out. There is No Water. No Alcohol. No Waxes. No fillers.

The feedback we are now getting is super encouraging. Some hard-core lotion afficiandos have even suggested it may be the best everyday lotion on the market today. We hope you’ll try it out and share your thoughts via this website or our Facebook page.

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