Natural Skin Nutrition 101: Calendula

We’re big fans of Calendula at New Harmony Soap Company. This beautiful flower, more commonly known as the Marigold, has been used to reduce inflammation and speed the healing of wounds for thousands of years by diverse cultures in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Calendula is an effective treatment for bee and wasp stings. It has also been shown to help with skin problems from ulceration to eczema when used as a salve. And it has been used to treat athletes foot, ringworm, acne, and diaper rash.

At New Harmony Soap Co. we start with certified organic Calendula flowers. Next we pulverize the flowers and add them into a blend of organic oils. From there we use heat, vibration, and time to help the flower release its healing ingredients – creating a finished product that skin can absorb and process.

You’ll find Calendula in the entire line of New Harmony Body Soaps along with our 9-1-1 Skin Relief Balm, and our famous Clariti All-Natural Acne Treatment Soap.


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