Today we want to focus on preparing your face for makeup. Simply, affordably, and healthily. We like to describe this stage as “preparing the canvas” and if done well, it will make a very noticeable difference to your appearance and the long term health of your complexion.

The first step to looking great when you walk out the door each morning is to fully prep your complexion before applying expensive serums and makeup. When skin is clean, moisturized, balanced , exfoliated, and the pores have been detoxed and contracted, you will need less serums and your makeup will look even, smooth, and more natural.

The Cleansing Step should be about more than just removing dirt.  You want to achieve the following:
♦ Balance Dry and Oily Areas
♦ Cleanse
♦ Detoxify
♦ Exfoliate
♦ Shrink pores
♦ Smooth complexion

Most women have been misinformed that soap is bad for your face. More accurately, soap that is poorly made or made with poor ingredients is bad for your face. There are some exceptional facial soaps on the market and we humbly submit that ours is right at the top. We believe our Green Clay Face Cleanser Soap achieves everything on the list above.

Here’s what’s in our Facial Cleanser Bar:
♦ Glycerin-rich soap made with moisturizing Shea butter
♦ French green clay to gently exfoliate, plus deep cleanse and shrink pores
♦ Green Tea Extract to mop up free radicals and environmental damage
♦ Apple extract to deliver AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and improve skin elasticity
♦ Papaya extract to exfoliate and stabilize oily skin

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