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All-Natural Protection from No-See-Ums, Midges, Buffalo Gnats & Turkey Gnats

Photo of a no-see-um, buffalo gnat, or midge

Around Sanibel Island, Florida they’re called No-See-Ums. In other parts of the South they’re called Midges. In the Midwest we call them Buffalo Gnats. The gnasty creatures are super small but terribly annoying – and their bites are fierce, producing redness and swelling that can last for days. Field Tested for 3 Years and Proven[…]

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It’s Buffalo Gnat Season – Get Proven Protection

Yesterday, April 7th, the vile Buffalo Gnat invaded Southeast Illinois and Southwest Indiana. Here in New Harmony we walked into swarms of these micro vultures while trying to do some early gardening in our backyard. We also received phone calls from people in Mt. Carmel, Grayville, and Carmi Illinois saying the “Gnats are Back”. Just[…]