Using Essential Oils at the Office and in the Car

Breathing the aroma of essential oils can be great for health and well being.  Some essential oils are mood enhancers. Others stimulate mental clarity and focus. Some are especially valuable during the winter months because they can help your immune system ward off the bacteria and viruses that can make you sick.

Two very important places to use essential oils is at work and in the car. However, it needs to be super convenient, portable, and low key (so it doesn’t impact those around you).

A great solution is the USB powered Scent Flower available at New Harmony Soap Company for $5.99. Simply place a few drops of your favorite EO onto the pad in the center of the flower and plug into a USB port on your laptop at work or a USB adaptor in your car. A micro amount of electricity is drawn by the scent flower to power a small heating element that activates and help diffuse the essential oil for hours. It’s the perfect solution for personal aromatherapy.

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