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Linen and Room Spray – Robber’s Gold



Use New Harmony Linen & Room Spray to make beds and rooms more welcoming. Our 100% natural, plant-derived linen and room spray is paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. Ideal for use on laundry, sheets, pillows, blankets, and even carpet and rugs. Available in multiple scents, so you can choose the ones that create the mood you want.

The perfect home companion during flu and cold season, Robber’s Gold features a blend of six essential oils known for their natural virus-deactivating and immune system protecting properties. The Essential Oil blend includes Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, and Frankincense – much like the concoction used by French thieves of the 15th Century to stave off the Black Plague.

Our Linen and Room Sprays feature a 100% naturally-derived, EO-free,1,4-Dioxane free, PEG-free solubilizer (the ingredient that bonds oil and water). This premium solubilizer holds the following Certifications:

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linen and room spray - Robbers Gold
Linen and Room Spray – Robber’s Gold