Essential Oils Gift Set



Breathing the aroma of essential oils can be great for health and well being. ┬áSome essential oils are mood enhancers. Others stimulate mental clarity and focus. Some are especially valuable during the winter months because they can help your immune system ward off the bacteria and viruses that can make you sick. We recommend using EO’s at home, in the car, and in the office.

You could easily spend hundreds of dollars to get started with essential oils but we think that is a lot to ask. As a large buyer of premium quality, food-grade essential oils we provide our customers with a more frugal option. This Set is a true bargain at $70.

Our Essential Oil Starter Kit contains 2 empty Roll-on Bottles, 4 oz of Avocado Oil, and 1-oz bottles of four of the most versatile and useful essential oils steam distilled for the home and office: 1) Eucalyptus [Australia], 2) Lavender [USA], 3) Lemongrass [India], 4) Peppermint [USA].

When applying EO’s on the skin it is advisable to first blend with a simple carrier oil to reduce potency and therefore risk of skin reaction. This step helps stretch your EO’s further, too! We suggest mixing 10- 15 drops of EO to a Tablespoon of Avocado Oil.

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