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Winter Skin Nutrition Body Soap

Winter Skin Body Soap


Enjoy this Skin Nutrition Body Soap Bar in your bath or shower and enjoy knowing you’re also feeding your skin with New Harmony Soap’s proprietary botanical infusion. Heal, hydrate, soften, and protect while enjoying this energizing Winter blend of Siberian Fir, Washington State Peppermint, and Valencia Orange.

Coffee Body Soap


Here is a fabulous way to get your morning percolating! Our all-natural Coffee Soap is made with a rare essential oil extracted from coffee beans along with a cold-brewed espresso blend made fresh at our local Black Lodge Coffee Roasters. The aroma in this soap is authentic and deeply satisfying to a coffee drinker’s soul. Some fresh-milled coffee is added to give some healthy exfoliating pizzazz. Take it in the shower and your brain will quickly get the message… it’s a Good Morning!

Orange Eucalyptus Body Soap


We had a “Eureka” moment when we paired the refreshing, zesty oil of Valencia Oranges with the clean, invigorating oil of Eucalyptus. Once you smell this Orange Eucalyptus Soap, you’ll be hooked! Experience it for yourself and then share it with those you love.

PURE Unscented Organic Soap


For those who live by the KISS method (Keep It Simple Sherlock) we’ve created PURE. It’s simple, handcrafted, plant-based, organic body soap. No fragrance. No botanical extracts. And of course, no animal- or petroleum-derived ingredients. Made with Organic Coconut and Sunflower Oils, PURE unscented organic soap generates rich, silky, moisturizing lather.

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