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PURE Unscented Organic Soap


For those who live by the KISS method (Keep It Simple Sherlock) we’ve created PURE. It’s simple, handcrafted, plant-based, organic body soap. No fragrance. No botanical extracts. And of course, no animal- or petroleum-derived ingredients. Made with Organic Coconut and Sunflower Oils, PURE unscented organic soap generates rich, silky, moisturizing lather.

Clove-Orange Body Soap


Widely used in contemporary Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, Clove bud essential oil always brings its A-game to the aromatherapy party. Strong, bold, clean, and spicy, Clove doesn’t always play well with others. It prefers center stage. However, we’ve found the zesty, playful, welcoming 5-Fold Valencia Orange oil to be the perfect playmate. Together they make beautiful music. If you’re looking for a soap to shake up the shower try our Clove Orange Soap.

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