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Guys have their own ideas about skincare and personal scent. They care… but they want it to be easy… and they definitely don’t want anything remotely feminine. That’s why we created a Body Bar just for Men. This bar cleans, restores dry skin, and even helps heal damaged skin. All the while, delivering a distinctive, clean and refreshing scent made up of Virginia Cedar, Eucalyptus, and a hint of spicy clove. We call it No.1 to keep it simple.

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Groovy Soap Tray


Letting your natural soap air dry on all sides between uses will substantially extend the life of the bar. This “groovy” beechwood soap tray does the trick with flair and good looks. The innovative concave design keeps water and mess in the tray (not on your counter).

FurFresh Aloe and Oatmeal Pet Shampoo


We love our pets and we want them to have clean, fresh-smelling fur without exposure to harmful ingredients. That’s why we invented FurFresh™ All-Natural Conditioning Shampoo. The formula is enhanced with Aloe Vera and colloidal Oatmeal and a special blend of deodorizing essential oils: Lemon, Virginia Cedar, Rosemary, and Australian Tea Tree.

FurFresh Natural Pet Deodorizer


In between shampoos, your pet may need a little odor control assistance. That’s why we invented FurFresh™ All-Natural Deodorizer Spray featuring a refreshing blend of lemon, cedar, rosemary, and tea tree essential oils. Anytime your pet needs a dose of fresh just lift fur with a comb or brush and spray. There’s also a bit of vegetable glycerin in the formula to add some moisturizing relief to dry, flaky skin so your pooch will chill out with the excessive scratching.

Sun & Radiation Recovery INFUSION REVOLUTION Mist


The sun and the wind dehydrate and irritate your skin even when using sunscreen. That’s why you want to have a bottle of New Harmony Soap’s Natural After Sun Relief Treatment made from organic aloe juice infused with skin calming, wound healing, anti-inflammatory botanical extracts. Of course, it also delivers natural humectants and probiotics to deeply moisturize stressed skin. Also very useful for people going through radiation therapy.

Rosemary & Mint INFUSION REVOLUTION Probiotic Lotion


Our premium, all-natural Rosemary and Peppermint scented Probiotic lotion is fast becoming a year-round staple in bathrooms across America due to its exceptional skin softening and youth-protecting properties. We never use skin-drying alcohols. No water. No waxes. No parabens or synthetics. Our high-performance Probiotic lotion moisturizes and softens without leaving an oily residue. Within minutes you can actually feel your skin re-hydrating. Try it and you’ll be hooked!

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