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Bliss Body Soap


Bliss Body Soap is inspired from our popular essential oil blend that encourages happiness and joy. A great aide for mental wellness, this lively and grounding blend of essential oils will melt tension and make it easier to smile.

Orange Blossom Body Soap


A New Harmony Soap Original, Orange Blossom Body Soap features the perfect balance between Valencia orange and honeysuckle, you’ll love using this mist and so will those around you.

Orange Eucalyptus Body Soap


We had a “Eureka” moment when we paired the refreshing, zesty oil of Valencia Oranges with the clean, invigorating oil of Eucalyptus. Once you smell this Orange Eucalyptus Soap, you’ll be hooked! Experience it for yourself and then share it with those you love.

Clove-Orange Body Soap


Widely used in contemporary Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, Clove bud essential oil always brings its A-game to the aromatherapy party. Strong, bold, clean, and spicy, Clove doesn’t always play well with others. It prefers center stage. However, we’ve found the zesty, playful, welcoming 5-Fold Valencia Orange oil to be the perfect playmate. Together they make beautiful music. If you’re looking for a soap to shake up the shower try our Clove Orange Soap.

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