Phytonutrient Serum #2

Ingredient – Aloe Vera Juice
Benefits – Soothes inflammation.

Ingredient – Apple Extract
Benefits – Contains alpha-hydroxy acids; maintains skin elasticity.

Ingredient – French Green Clay
Benefits – Removes impurities; tightens pores; stimulates blood flow; gives healthy glow; reduces appearance of wrinkles.

Ingredient – Glycerin
Benefits – Softens and smooths skin. Locks in moisture.

Ingredient – Papaya Extract
Benefits – Stabilizes oily skin; exfoliates dry patches; contains stimulates cell regeneration.

Ingredient – Vitamin E
Benefits – Protects cells and membranes from sun and environmental damage; reduces appearance of wrinkles.

Ingredient – Witch Hazel
Benefits – Gentle astringent; tightens and tones loose skin; relieves itching.