It’s Buffalo Gnat Season – Get Proven Protection

Yesterday, April 7th, the vile Buffalo Gnat invaded Southeast Illinois and Southwest Indiana. Here in New Harmony we walked into swarms of these micro vultures while trying to do some early gardening in our backyard. We also received phone calls from people in Mt. Carmel, Grayville, and Carmi Illinois saying the “Gnats are Back”. Just last week we started getting phone calls and orders for 8-Hour Gnat-B-Gone from residents of Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana.

Every year thousands of people and animals are rushed to Emergency Medical Care because of Buffalo gnat bites. They do major damage with their biting and many people seem to have a terrible allergic reaction, causing them to swell and itch sometimes for weeks. Since the gnats often go for the eyes there can be vision impairment to boot.

If you own chickens you must prepare for a serious risk — loss of your brood. The Gnats literally smother chickens by blocking their airway and wipe out entire hen houses.

What’s really strange is that most agriculture extension agents I’ve seen interviewed on TV or quoted in the newspaper say there is nothing you can do to keep the Buffalo Gnats at bay. They all seem to know that DEET products do not work on Buffalo Gnats. Every now and then you’ll hear someone say they tried using BENGAY or Listerine and worked for a little while. Can you imagine wiping BENGAY on your face??? Imagine if that stuff gets in your eyes!

This year make a smart choice. Stock up on Natural 8-Hour Gnat-B-Gone. It smells great and works fabulous. Each year we sell thousands of bottles and the repeat purchases and the stories our customers share are proof this stuff REALLY WORKS.

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