How the Nicotine Patch Inspired Our Infused Body Soap

The first time I used a natural, handmade soap I was hooked. My skin felt so much better and the essential oil aroma elevated my mood… a great way to get clean and moisturized. However, it wasn’t until I saw a TV ad for a nicotine patch that I began realizing the full potential of a bar of soap.

It dawned on me that if pharmaceutical companies could used patches placed on a person’s skin to deliver chemicals into the bloodstream then soap and body care products have a similar capacity. If nicotine can be formulated to pass through your skin then why can’t nutritional and healing chemicals extracted from botanicals like calendula, comfrey, neem, and tea tree?

And thus, the New Harmony Soap Infused Body Bar was born. Each bar of natural, handmade soap is infused with our highly concentrated all-natural skin health formulation. Massage the lather into your skin on a daily basis – and especially into areas of broken or stressed skin — and you’ll be on your way to healthier skin and a healthier body.

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