Our Pledge About Essential Oils and Fragrances

Aromatherapy is a big part of body care but in the world of “mass-produced products” it is the aromatics in body care that have some of the most negative effects like allergic reactions, dermatitis, endocrine system disruption, and even cancer.

Given our business is founded on a mission to help our customers “get their skin off junk food” we take every ingredient seriously. When it comes to essential oils and fragrances we work closely with The Lebermuth Company of South Bend, Indiana. Founded in 1908 by a grower and distiller of mint oils in Bremen, Indiana these guys have grown into an exceptional partner for aromatherapy and body care products formulators. Lebermuth maintains grower-direct relationships and travels the world for field visits, assessing material quality and growing conditions.

Approx.95% of our our products are scented exclusively with Essential Oils that adhere to the following:

  • Distilled in Indiana, USA using Fractional Vacuum Distillation systems
  • All EO’s are Food-grade and certified as pure and natural
  • All EO’s satisfy an in-house regulatory team
  • All EO’s are quality-tested twice using GC/Mass Spectrometry

Approximately 5% of our products use a natural alternative when an essential oil is not available or economically viable. In those cases we adhere to the following strict criteria:

  • All components of a fragrance are 100% plant-derived and 100% free of GMO’s, phtalates, parabens, and sulfates
  • All components are screened against the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database
  • Using the Skin Deep scoring system where 0 = no worries and 10 = serious health issues, we use the following criteria:
    • We never allow any component with a Cancer score greater than ZERO
    • We never allow any component with a Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity score greater than ZERO
    • We never allow any component with an Allergies & Immunotoxicity score greater than TWO
    • Any component with an Allergies and Immunotoxicity score of 1 or 2 cannot represent more than 1% of the entire fragrance

Everyone at New Harmony Soap Company is proud of our Pledge and believes this criteria ensures every product is worthy of your trust. Let us know what you think. We’re always looking for better ways to achieve our Mission.

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