All-Natural Protection from No-See-Ums, Midges, Buffalo Gnats & Turkey Gnats

Around Sanibel Island, Florida they’re called No-See-Ums. In other parts of the South they’re called Midges. In the Midwest we call them Buffalo Gnats. The gnasty creatures are super small but terribly annoying – and their bites are fierce, producing redness and swelling that can last for days.

Field Tested for 3 Years and Proven Effective by Thousands of Loyal Customers
Our Natural 8-Hour Gnat-B-Gone formulation has been field tested in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Illinois, Iowa, and of course Indiana. Proven to be both safe and effective against Biting Gnats, No-See-Ums and Midges for up to 8 hours. We use the purest Witch Hazel distillate and highly concentrated forms of vanillin taken from multiple sources. It’s all-natural. It smells wonderful. And works like a charm!

Apply 8-Hour Gnat-B-Gone before going to the beach, golf course, fishing, or ball park to give the gnats and no-see-ums a cold shoulder. Enjoy hours of protection with just one application. And don’t forget to take along 8-Hour Gnat-B-Gone when dining alfresco whether on your patio or at a restaurant. There’s nothing worse than swatting biting flies while trying to enjoy a nice meal.

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