Orange Blossom Bath Bomb

bath bomb, orange blossom, fizzing

Handcrafted 6 Oz. Fizzing Bath Bomb Enriched with Vitamin C to neutralize Chlorine This relaxing, sensual scented Bath Bomb features Valencia Orange essential oil and natural Honeysuckle fragrance. One of our most popular aroma blends! INGREDIENTS Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Orange Oil, Natural Fragrance, Sorbitan[…]

Orange Blossom Handcrafted Foaming Soap

foaming, soap, orange blossom. natural, handcrafted

Our handcrafted Orange Blossom seasonal foaming soap is the perfect sink-side companion. A single pump delivers a luxurious foam to properly clean hands while boosting spirits with an aromatherapy burst from a blend of Valencia Orange and Honeysuckle. 16 OZ Bottle

Orange Blossom INFUSION REVOLUTION Body Wash

body wash, natural soap, orange blossom

Lather Up for Your Health! Orange Blossom Body Wash – Made from Organic Oils Infused with Nourishing Botanical Extracts Moisturizing, plant-powered body wash made from Organic Coconut and Sunflower Oils plus Raw Shea Butter Botanical Infusion includes Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Extract, Comfrey Root Extract, and Neem Extract Infusion speeds healing and recovery from Acne,[…]

Orange Blossom Room & Linen Freshener

room, linen, toilet, natural, deodorizer, spray

An all-natural, guilt-free room and linen spray featuring our food-grade Valencia Orange essential oil and certified all-natural Honeysuckle fragrance. It’s like walking through an orange grove when the blooms are on. Orange Blossom is our Spring & Summer seasonal favorite, available only from April through August. A couple pumps will freshen any room or bed.[…]

Orange Blossom INFUSION REVOLUTION Body Soap

soap, natural, handcrafted, orange, honeysuckle, orange blossom

A New Harmony Soap Original, Orange Blossom features the perfect balance between Valencia orange and honeysuckle. Our Skin Nutrition Body Soaps are the heart and soul of New Harmony Soap Company. This long-lasting 5 OZ bar produces tons of rich, moisturizing lather from our special blend of organic coconut, palm, and sunflower oils along with[…]

Orange Blossom INFUSION REVOLUTION Probiotic Lotion

lotion, natural, orange blossom, probiotic

Our premium, all-natural, Orange Blossom scented Probiotic lotion is fast becoming a year-round staple in bathrooms across America due to its exceptional skin softening and youth-protecting properties. We never use skin-drying alcohols. No water. No waxes. No parabens or synthetics. Our high-performance Probiotic lotion moisturizes and softens without leaving oily residue. Within minutes you can actually feel[…]

Orange Blossom INFUSION REVOLUTION After Shower Mist

body spray, natural, orange blossom, moisturizing, healing, skin nutrition, vegan, cruelty free

Improved New Formula – Infused with Sea Buckthorn  and Rose Hip Extracts Natural, Orange Blossom scented body spray to heal and moisturize. When you get out of the shower or bath after using our INFUSION REVOLUTION Body Soap your skin is in near perfect condition: clean, hydrated, soft and rejuvenated. All your skin needs now[…]

Probiotic Lotion Gift Set

lotion, natural, probiotic, sampler, 3-pack

Premium Lotion for Face and Body For those who like options and those who can’t make up their mind we offer a special 3-Pack of 4 OZ bottles. Set includes Orange Blossom, Tahitian Vanilla, and Lavender natural, probiotic lotion. Our premium, all-natural Probiotic lotions are fast becoming a year-round staple in bathrooms across America due[…]