6 Great Ways to Use Essential Oils at Home

Essential Oils have been around for millennia but never have they been more popular than in 2016.

At New Harmony Soap Company we use lots of essential oils to scent our natural skin nutrition products which means we buy in large quantities to get maximum price discounts from our trusted suppliers. This means we can offer some of the more popular and valuable essential oils for substantially less than what you might otherwise pay.

Routinely we are asked how to best use essential oils at home. The ways are numerous but here are six of the more popular uses for essential oils at home:

  1. Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs. Use 6 – 8 drops of your favorite essential oil in your tub and fire up the jets! Our personal favorite for this application: Eucalyptus and Grapefruit.
  2. Wet Compress. Heat up some distilled water and add a few drops of EO. Then immerse a clean cloth, squeeze out the excess, and place over face until cloth becomes cool. Our personal faves for this application: Lavender after a long day; Robber’s Gold when feeling like a cold or flu is coming on.
  3. Room Deodorizer. Fill an empty spray bottle with distilled water then add 10 drops of your favorite EO. Shake before each use. Our personal favorite: Lemongrass.
  4. Cleaning. Add EO to water or white vinegar to make a very effective cleaner for countertops, glass, bath fixtures, tile floors and laundry. If you’re looking for an EO with serious antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties look no further than Tea Tree Oil. It’s the bomb!
  5. Toilet Paper Roll. Before installing a new roll of toilet paper, place a few drops of Essential Oil inside the paper tube. Each time you pull the roll your nose will be given a treat. Rosemary is great for this application.
  6. Sleeping. Place a drop of EO on the collar of your pajamas or bathrobe when getting ready for bed. The aroma will help your mind relax.  Of course, Lavender is famous for promoting relaxation. For an alternative try Robber’s Gold. Peppermint and/or Eucalyptus if you have a head cold.

How do you use essential oils in your home? Please let us know so we can share.

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