2016 Gift Giving Guide

We’ve got it—a guide to the ultimate gift for everyone on your list! Each of these items is luxurious and nutritious, perfect for the ones you love.

For the Mother

Head to Toes Baby Wash Natural Liquid Soap – Keep your baby’s skin super soft with our all-natural Head to Toes Liquid Soap! This wash is gentle, moisturizing and hypoallergenic. Made from organic coconut and sunflower oils, plus organic shea butter.


For YOUR Mother

Shea Butter Balm – This smooth butter comes in a small jar, great for your mom to store in her purse during the winter. It absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a residue. Available in natural scents including rosemary mint, tahitian vanilla as well as special treatment for eczema and psoriasis. Great gift for mom!

For the Sister

Natural French Green Face Soap – You wouldn’t normally think to use a bar soap on your face, would you? This all-natural soap is packed with “the good stuff.” It gently cleanses, detoxifies, smooths and brightens your complexion. Your sister will love this gift, but you might have to throw an extra in the cart for yourself! Our special acne treatment bar provides eight all-natural acne relieving botanicals and is naturally non-drying. It provides a gentle, moisturizing lather.

Oh and we just have to mention the Liquid Hand Soap for the sink because, well, this all-natural hand soap is what it’s all about! We recommend robber’s gold blend for its healing powers during the winter, tahitian vanilla or even the lavender vanilla.

NHSoapCo-EOblend-HopeFor the Hippie

Essential Oils – Check out these Chakra Essential Oil Blends (Hope, Wisdom, Kindness). This Chakra Hope blend is described as down-to-earth, grounding, warm and fuzzy, big hugs and calming! Ranging in price from $7.99-$18.99.

For Work

Gift sets are just so easy, right? Just click, add to cart, and at your doorstep will arrive a perfectly packaged holiday gift set! Choose from  combinations of shea butter, natural soap, lotion and more—starting at just $21.99!

For Your Best Girls

Natural Lip Luv Lip Balm – Formulated with organic coconut oil, raw shaw butter, avocado oil and beeswax. So luxurious! And it keeps your lips looking and feeling great! Starting at just $7.99. Feeling more generous? Give her luxury with Bath Soak or Red Wine Body Soap!

natural shave soap, after share For Your Guy

Nutritional Shave Gear – Keep those rugged good looks in tip-top condition. Nipper’s Natural™ Nutritional Shaving Soap contains shea butter, avocado and organic coconut lather infused with healing botanical extracts. Don’t worry—it still smells rugged 😉 Starting at $8.99, or available in gift sets for $41.

Working Hands Soap – Popular among both guys and gals, this soap is ideal for gardeners, landscapers, hunters, mechanics and shade tree tinkerers with its natural and hardcore scrubbing powers!

For Yourself!

Stock up on Robber’s Gold natural bar soap, liquid soap, essential oil and room & linen spray to keep your family’s immunities up for the winter! These products are a special blend of five essential oils known for their natural immune system protecting properties. While you’re at it, throw a few more nutrition body bars in the cart. At just $4.99 a piece, they’re a great value!

There you have it—easy, thoughtful and nutritious gifts for all! Better yet, you can purchase all of these items for just $5 shipping on your ENTIRE order now!

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